For my outcome, I think I picked the right colors which were orange and blue. Orange stood for happiness and blue stood for loneliness, those two colors expressed my feelings about my postcode perfectly. But there were still a lot of things I could improve for the next project, such as using different techniques to create a unique image, I could try different workshops and do my artwork by using those workshops. Compare this project to the first one, I realised I need to spend more time in the library, I fell in love with the feeling when I was reading books and doing my work in the library. For the next project, I would continue using the library properly since it is a good tool for us to discover some good books and we could learn more about the topic of our projects. The more time I spent in the library, the more things I found in the library. I see library as a place where I could find knowledge which may be related to my ideas and a place I would spend more time there to gain more knowledge.  The books I have found in the library really helped me a lot with my outcome, this was the most exciting thing that I have found though this project.

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